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An Agricultural Revolution: How Plenty is Growing Clean

The Plenty Team

Farming has a dirty secret and it’s not just about the soil under your nails. It’s about land and water use, pollution, and pesticides on your plate. At Plenty, we’re transforming the way produce is grown, starting with greens. The result is a whole lot cleaner—for you and for the world.

Compared to conventional outdoor farming, Plenty’s indoor vertical farms are a whole new way of growing plants. Using patented technology, we grow up to 350 times more produce per acre with far less water and land—rewriting the rules of agriculture, one vertical grow tower at a time.

A Cleaner Kind of Farm

A Plenty farm is very different from the conventional farm you’re used to. For starters, our farms are indoors—our first one is in the middle of Compton, CA. And because we are an indoor farm, we control the environment in which we grow instead of the environment controlling how we grow. On a Plenty farm, each tiny seed is planted using advanced technology. After they sprout into seedlings through germination and propagation, our trusty robot companions transplant them into our nearly two-story-tall vertical grow towers. These towers allow us to grow vertically, which means growing more food on less land. And once they’re guided into grow rooms, each plant gets the exact amount of light, water, and nutrients it needs. When the greens reach their peak flavor, that’s when it’s time for harvest. With our automated process, we’re able to trace your greens from seed to store.

Your Clean Plate

Growing indoors gives us full control over the environment, meaning zero pesticides on your Plenty greens. Because we don’t need soil to grow, your greens are also safe from toxic heavy metals found in soil and free from gritty bits that can come with growing in the ground. We carefully manage the light, water, and nutrients we use to bring you peak-flavor produce all year long. And by growing clean, we don’t need to wash our greens, and you don’t either.

Growing a Cleaner Future

We’re on a mission to put Plenty farms in communities around the world—making healthy, clean food accessible to everyone. By using less land, less water, and growing food closer to where people live, we can make less of an impact on the environment and a big impact on the world. Plenty is guided by science, so we’re committed to figuring things out the right way. We won’t pretend to be perfect, but we’ll never compromise on our goal to make a positive impact on food security and the environment.

  • Less Land & Less Water: Our vertical farms are designed to use 99% less land and a fraction of the water compared to conventional agriculture.
  • Transportation: We’re working on ways to grow all kinds of food in all kinds of places, so your food spends less time in transport and more time in your fridge and on your plate. 
  • Pollution: Being able to monitor and control what comes in and out of our farms is one of the key perks of growing indoors – we don’t add agricultural runoff into the environment or worry about pesticides impacting our communities. 

We’re not just growing greens; we’re rewriting the rules of agriculture to help increase global food security. It’s a work in progress, but we know the journey is worth it. Join us on our path to cleaner farming, cleaner food, and a cleaner planet.