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Plenty® uses vertical grow towers and an innovative lighting, water, and nutrient system to grow produce. By growing indoors, we can create an environment that can be fully controlled, delivering just the right amount of light, water, and nutrients plants need to be their best. Our technology allows us to use less space and water to grow more food and eliminates the need to spray pesticides onto the produce that consumers eat. Plenty Farms® grow significantly more produce per acre while using just a fraction of the land and water than conventional farms.

We have chosen not to obtain organic certification, but because of our unique indoor growing technology, we are able to control the growing environment in ways that even outdoor organic farms cannot. For example, the edible portion of the leafy greens that we sell to customers never comes in contact with any pesticides, whereas many organic farms spray and apply organic pesticides to the produce that their customers consume. Our leafy greens are truly pesticide-residue-free!

You can search for a store near you or you can buy us online on through Whole Foods, Bristol Farms, Misfits Market, Imperfect Foods, and Instacart.
Plenty vertical farm transplantation