These Pods Contain a World of Possibilities.

Crop breeding used to mean a trade off between flavor and pest or frost resistance. At our research center in Laramie, Wyoming we match crops with optimal amounts of light and nutrients, creating an ideal environment for the tastiest plants, no compromise necessary.

Plants: We’re On Their Wavelength

Plants thrive on light. It’s their ability to turn the energy from light into new compounds that allows them to grow, and develop delicious flavors. By carefully controlling the spectrum of light, in addition to other environmental factors, we can provide optimal growing conditions all year round.
strawberry is hanging in a blurry background

We’re not saying strawberries grown by Plenty are perfect, but they are grown in optimal conditions, with nutrients, water and light adjusted according to their needs, so they can be peak season delicious, any time of year. Can you get any more perfect than that?

purple greens

Using LEDs we can isolate particular wavebands of light that plants respond to by producing more fruit or even broader leaves.

With the ability to control light, nutrients and water plus carefully select the plant varietals, our scientists have an unprecedented level of control over the final product.


Our plants are grown in water and sterilized plant media. It’s easier to control the nutrient mix than soil, and produces more consistent results.

plants attached to a wall

Strawberries grown by Plenty are optimized in size and packed with flavor.

one strawberry

Our watering system is so efficient that even the water normally lost through evaporation is trapped, recondensed and used to water our plants.

Plenty for all

Until now plants had to be chosen based on their ability to survive frost, pests and transportation time. By eliminating the first two, and drastically cutting the last, we can focus on our main priority: flavor.


At Plenty we’re not just growing plants, we’re designing a system. Think of it as a recipe of light, nutrients, seeds and water that can be used to produce near-perfect crops anywhere there is power and water.

For plant scientists, Laramie is a dream come true: a high-tech facility where they can devote themselves to crafting the right conditions for perfect flavor to happen.