Pure. Produce.

Taste elevated.

Plenty produce tastes like nothing available today, with flavors and textures unique to the TLC we give our greens.

Meet Our Greens

Our Greens

Star Light Kale

A velvety-soft baby kale highlighted by bright notes and a smooth finish.

Velvet Spice Blend

A crunchy, colorful mix of tatsoi and mizuna that brings a mustardy heat to the table.

Wild Wasabi Arugula

A bold baby arugula with seductive spice and subtle hints of summer citrus and black pepper.

Sweet Sunrise Greens

This delicious blend of beet leaves, greens, and fennel offers subtle sweet licorice and cool earthy notes.

Flavorful food for

Produce aficionados.

Grown for communities.

Plenty Farms are located in close proximity to city centers, where we harvest and deliver fresh-picked produce to local restaurants and stores. As a result, you'll benefit from fresher, more flavorful greens with a longer shelf life.

Perfectly protected produce.

In carefully controlled environments, we nurture and protect our plants from potential ills, pests, and threats that affect their outdoor counterparts. In doing so, we eliminate the need for GMOs or pesticides.

Better for you, better for the planet.

As we run out of space to grow fresh produce, Plenty is looking up. The way we grow our produce allows us to grow high quality, accessible produce, ensuring there’s Plenty for all™.

Providers of Plenty

Available at these locations.

Bay Area

Taste Plenty

We currently grow tasty produce for the Bay Area, but we are actively branching out. Find out when Plenty will be available near you.

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You've got questions? We've got answers.

What types of produce can a Plenty Farm grow?

Right now, we’re focused on growing leafy greens and herbs that taste incredible. We’re hard at work to bring you amazing crops like strawberries and tomatoes. Stay tuned for the latest by signing up for our newsletter!

Is Plenty produce organic?

Organic certification represents the best of what’s possible outdoors. Our produce is as clean as it can possibly be, as we use zero pesticides, non-GMO seeds, and the first person to touch our food is you — the eater! We’ve put our focus into what consumers care about: ultra-clean, sustainably grown produce that tastes amazing.

Does Plenty use GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)?

Nope! Everything we grow is non-GMO. And, one of the most exciting things about where and how we grow is, we’ve unlocked a future in which you can try the most delicious fruits and vegetables among the 70,000 varieties available across the globe. We’re not locked into crops that can endure the whims of weather and food miles on trucks. 

Why is Plenty needed?

Fruit and vegetable farmland around the globe can only produce ⅓ of what is needed for the world’s population to have a healthy diet. And, in the U.S. – where the most fruits and vegetables are consumed – we are eating only ½ of the recommended quantity, and we’re already importing nearly ⅓ of what we do eat.

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When will I be able to buy Plenty?

Today, you can try Plenty in the Bay Area at a few restaurants, online at Good Eggs and at some neighborhood markets. Our new farm will be undergoing food-safe certification and later this year, we look forward to making Plenty more available across the Bay!