7-Eleven and Plenty are coming together to bring pesticide-free leafy greens to some of your favorite 7-Eleven salads.

Explore how Plenty is rewriting the rules of agriculture.

farm tools

A farm is only as good as its tools. Even the pitchfork was once considered cutting-edge technology.

red tractor

Tractors do the work of many horses and require just one operator. Considered an outrage by critics at the time, their widespread adoption set off a production boom.

Agriculture Just
Got an Upgrade.

The phone in your pocket has more computing power than the entire Apollo mission. Isn’t it time farming caught up?
plant seeds


Instead of modifying plants to fit the environment, we modified the environment to fit the plants.

Plenty software and hardware

Software &

Our farms are our hardware, Plenty OS is our software, it’s built around the needs of our plants.

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You don’t even need to wash our produce, because our farms are food-safe environments.

Plants love Plenty®.

Our plants are grown in optimal conditions: that means just the right amount of light, nutrients and water. So not only are these some of the most flavorful leaves that you’ll ever eat, you can also know that they were grown with you and the planet in mind.

4 Ways Plenty® Eases
Environmental Pressure

overhead view of two tractors are moving dirt


The earth’s best growing zones are already tapped out and seasonal production challenges are being exacerbated by climate change. To feed the world we need a new solution that’s less wasteful and less harmful for the environment.

overhead view of land transportation


Currently most food is grown a long way from where it’s eaten. This is hugely wasteful, both in terms of fuel costs and the amount of shelf-life lost to transportation.

plenty farms distribution


Plenty Farms™ can be established anywhere in the world. We aim to eliminate food deserts and make healthy calories accessible to people everywhere.

indoor grown crops supply


Since our crops are all grown indoors, seasonal production and quality fluctuations simply do not apply. We can grow peak season quality produce, year-round.

Growing for a better tomorrow, today.

Growing indoors uses less water and land and produces incredible flavor. Doing the right thing never tasted so good.

Agriculture and related transportation account for nearly 40% of total global greenhouse gas emissions.

Plenty® grows crops near where they’re sold and eaten, slashing transportation related emissions.

Fingers holding Plenty indoors grown strawberry

The global land area dedicated to agriculture is approximately five billion hectares. That’s 38% of the earth’s surface, 77% of which is dedicated to livestock and 23% crops.

Our growing system yields up to 350x more per acre than traditional farming. That means our farms are designed to grow as much produce as an entire regulation FIFA soccer field on the footprint of a single goal. Farming like this reduces monocultures, freeing up land for biodiverse uses.

Plenty indoors grown greens

More than 2 quadrillion gallons of water (70% of global consumption) are used for agricultural production annually.

Water shortages are increasingly a global reality. Cutting your household water consumption won’t make an impact unless it’s accompanied by changes in how we grow plants. By controlling water supply on a plant-by-plant basis Plenty®’s farms have the potential to save millions of gallons of water.

Despite being much more efficient, less than 1 % of our food calories are directly grown indoors. Plenty® is here to change that forever.

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