Unforgettable flavor. Always in season.

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Things are looking up.

Indoor vertical farming shines a new light on the way we do food. It calls for less time, space, and resources while yielding fresh, craveable produce that improves the life of plants, people and planet.

We grow

Produce that reaches new heights.

Where nature meets nurture.

Our plants are nurtured in controlled environments, helping each plant thrive and live their best lives.

Next level freshness.

Our produce tastes freshly picked, because it is. Our farms are located right in your community, ensuring you get the freshest, most flavorful produce.

Taste you can trust.

All of our produce is non-GMO, clean and pesticide-free. You know…the way it used to be.

Available year round.

Because we grow indoors, our flavorful crops are always in season. So you can have your kale and eat it. Again, and again.

Meet our greens

We’re taking action.

Closing the global nutrition gap by providing Plenty for all™ may seem ambitious. We know. But we’re biting off more than we can chew because planet-first produce has never tasted so good.

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