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Planting Seeds in Southern California

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October 25th, 2019

By Plenty Farms

Plenty is on a mission to improve people and planetary health by growing better, more accessible produce than ever before thought possible inside our vertical farms. But this mission is more than just a goal or a statement on our website Plenty’s mission is a movement. Within the walls of each Plenty farm, approximately the size of a soccer field, lies the technological advancement, engineering prowess, and plant and flavor science to bring fresh, craveable produce to every person on Earth.

The next stop for Plenty’s global movement? Los Angeles, where we’ll begin development on our newest farm in Compton later this year. Ahead of the Compton build, we’ve met with over 50 individuals representing more than 30 local organizations; what we’ve found is a passionate community with deep agricultural roots and an unmistakable devotion to good food. We’ve witnessed the impressive work local farmers and gardeners are doing in their community, and we’re excited to merge Plenty’s agricultural innovations with Compton’s rich farming history and moreover, to become an integral part of its promising future as, together, we provide the greater LA area with clean, craveable produce.

Whether it’s the communities we inhabit, the food we grow, or the people and planet we feed, the Plenty mission moves past merely sustaining health, and right into optimizing it to the fullest potential. Our indoor vertical farms are designed to to grow the best possible flavors while producing with extreme efficiency and cleanliness. Plenty farms are able to exert absolute control over variables like climate and light, which means using less than one percent of the land and less than five percent of the water compared to an outdoor farm. 

Growth, efficiency, flavor optimization, better health outcomes these are the benefits inside every fruit and vegetable a Plenty farm grows. As that produce leaves our farms to nourish bodies, feed communities, and build local partnerships, those benefits move from the plants, to the people, to the global network of agricultural infrastructure we’re building worldwide…

And it all started at home in the Bay Area where we continue to ramp up the production of our South San Francisco farm, making more delicious produce available to more people. As we break ground on Plenty LA, we’ll continue to grow and learn how to give more to our plants, so we can give more to people, planet, and communities. That’s the Plenty way.

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