Our Journey To Better Packaging

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September 19th, 2019

By Plenty Farms

Our Journey to Better Packaging

Since the outset of Plenty, we have been focused on creating a new, better way of feeding people. We don’t see our job stopping there. Plenty nurtures plants throughout their entire journey from seed to table in order to nurture people and planet with better produce than ever before thought possible. We painstakingly oversee the process of getting that seed from our indoor farms all the way to the point of delicious consumption, and every step that comes in between…

Unfortunately, what so often comes in between is single-use plastic packaging sourced from petrochemicals that takes thousands of years to break down in the environment. As a company, we recognize that reducing the use of such materials is vital to our central mission of improving the lives of plants, people, and planet. Earth-friendly packaging is an overwhelming arena to throw ourselves into, but just because something has never been done before in our industry, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It simply means we’re starting from scratch: finding manufacturers that share our mission, experts who are driven to try something new, and creating solutions for problems we never thought we’d face as an agricultural company, like how to make a biodegradable adhesive that works with compostable materials. In addition, the solution we create must be applicable for many cities, counties, municipalities and their appropriate waste management providers.

This mission to find alternatives to non-renewable petrochemical plastics, while still refusing to compromise on the quality of our produce, is complex. But it is worth it to provide people with fresh fruits and vegetables and a way of consuming that they can feel confident are as friendly to the planet as they are beneficial to our bodies. Heeding the rising call for a substitute to the food industry’s pervasive use of chemical plastic is a necessary step for Plenty. We believe that there is a packaging solution that can continue to nurture our produce to its best quality all the way until it’s eaten, and we are determined to find it.

Earth-friendly packaging can not only keep us from adding more irremovable trash to the planet, but can actually help regenerate it while preserving produce better than ever before thought possible. And the best part is: there’s precedent here. Nature has been packaging produce with earth-friendly materials for thousands of years. Is there any better container for a banana than the banana peel, which can travel from the farm to the grocery store, to your table, and straight into the compost pile once the banana has been eaten? At Plenty, we don’t just think we can recreate this journey while still maintaining the crisp delicacy of leafy greens without the use of chemical plastic — we feel we must.

We’ve created the most ideal growing conditions for plants, and as a company, we see creating the most ideal earth-friendly packaging as our next opportunity to improve the way we eat. We’re eagerly exploring what’s possible here, and with the support of our consumers, the education of the public, and the advice of experts, we’re confident that we can find it. Won’t you join us on this journey toward a healthier future?

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