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Veteran Tesla Engineer Leaving For Greener Pastures: AgTech Startup Plenty

Nick Kalayjian, a high-ranking Tesla engineer who has worked on all its products from the Roadster through the Model 3, is joining Plenty.

Vertical farms have nailed leafy greens. Next up: tasty fruit

San Francisco-based Plenty is on a mission to expand what hydroponic farms can grow.

The crops on this farm are grown vertically

CNN International tours Plenty’s Bay Area farm for an early look at its global plan to keep food local.

Could indoor farming help address future food shortages?

NewsHour Weekend takes a look at how indoor farming could shift our relationship with food.

This company wants to build a giant indoor farm next to every major city in the world

A young Silicon Valley startup called Plenty thinks it has cracked the code on indoor farming.

Jeff Bezos-backed indoor farming startup Plenty opens 100K square-foot facility in Seattle region

Plenty’s next (and first full scale) farm will open in Seattle in 2018, bringing locally-grown, backyard-quality, and affordable produce to area consumers by the middle of the year.

Tesla's Former Battery Director Joins Farming Startup Plenty

Tesla Inc.’s former director of battery technology has joined Plenty Inc. to lead the vertical farming startup’s plan to build indoor growing rooms around the world.

This High-Tech Vertical Farm Promises Whole Foods Quality at Walmart Prices

Plenty has the capital and connections to accelerate its endgame: building massive indoor farms on the outskirts of every major city on Earth, some 500 in all. In that world, food could go from farm to table in hours rather than days or weeks.

SoftBank Vision Fund Leads $200 Million Bet on Indoor Farms

The SoftBank Group Corp. chief’s Vision Fund is leading a $200 million investment in Silicon Valley startup Plenty, which says it has cracked the code on growing crops indoors super efficiently.

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