Our Mission

To Grow
Plenty of Fresh Food
For Everyone,


It’s a Story As Old
As Food Itself.

farming in neolithic era
10000 BC

Neolithic Era

Humans progress from gathering berries and tracking mammoths to the cultivation of simple crops. So farming is born.

the agricultural revolution

The Agricultural Revolution

Crop rotation allows farmers to optimize nutrients in the soil and achieve higher yields. A stable food supply fuels population growth.

machine production

Machine Production

Farming becomes increasingly industrialized, with tractors, seed drills and combines. Crops are chosen to fit these new processes.



Building upon the advantages of existing plant varieties, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) further boost crop yields and disease resistance.


Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

Aided by advanced lighting design and state-of-the-art watering systems, growing produce indoors at scale becomes possible for a range of commercial crops.

We have reached a critical point in history, where agriculture and food systems are unsustainably fragile due to climate change, soil degradation and the loss of productive farmland. Plenty’s farms are designed to secure our food future, using a unique indoor vertical growing system to deliver high quality, fresh produce to everyone, everywhere.

The next great revolution in farming is here.

plenty logo

Plenty® is Rewriting the Rules of Agriculture.

Plenty® is unlike any other indoor farm. Not only do we truly grow vertically, rather than in horizontally-stacked trays, we’re developing technology that means our farms can be established anywhere in the world.

unique design

Unique Design

Our modular design creates the maximum surface area for plants to receive light and allows an extraordinary level of precision in delivering nutrients.

twice the yield

Double the Yield

Our unique architecture and technical advantages allow us to deliver twice the yield of competitors in the indoor farming space.

Plenty vertical farming system production facility

Always Be Partnering

We actively seek commercial partners to help us expand our distribution and global reach.

Plenty Vertical indoor farm grow room

Made For Everywhere

Our growing platform can be used for a range of crops, and deployed anywhere in the world there is space and an electrical current.