Plant Science

Research Scientist, Plant Pathology and Microbiology

South San Francisco, CA


At Plenty, we’re on a mission to give people in local communities everywhere access to the freshest, most amazing tasting produce possible. And to do so in a way that’s better for the planet. 

Our primary way of doing this is by building farms that break free from the constraints of the field to grow food at massive scales, close to the consumer.

About Role

A critical element of building, operating and optimizing these farms is work done by Plant Science, and the collaboration between plant scientists, engineers and farm operators.  One discipline critical to the health of our plants and customers is system microbiology. In an effort to understand, control and foster great system and human health, we are hiring a Research Scientist of Plant Pathology and Microbiology.

What You'll Do

  • Cross-disciplinary applied research and operations management in the areas of plant pathogen measurement, control, and long-term management, that includes guiding plant pathologists and growers in helping to design and manage growing systems fundamentally resistant to plant pathogens, and medical microbiologists and food safety experts and they build upon best-in-class food safety practices.

  • Build a team of experts in the areas of plant pathology and food safety

  • Help to shape a culture of collaboration, creativity, and innovative thinking by leading engagement with other non-science teams on subjects of microbiology

  • Lead Plant pathologists in analyzing, researching and responding to plant pathology issues on and around the farm

  • Guide food safety and medical microbiologists as they audit, analyze and design the most food-safe farms in the history of agriculture

  • Interact closely with other departments within Plant Science to solve multi-disciplinary problems

  • Work closely with Engineering and Operations on Farm Design and operation

  • Help plan research, budget and manage resources to make the Department of Microbiology effective

What We're Looking For

  • 4+ years industry experience in science and management roles

  • MS or PhD (preferred) and/or deep industry experience in both plant pathology and a food safety-related field

  • Experience working with engineers and operations personnel to drive the application of scientific findings to business operations or product development

  • Comfort and effectiveness managing diverse teams

  • Creative thinking around problem solving, flexibility, and comfort dealing with evolving problems

  • Data-driven

  • Exceptional communication skills

  • The ability to confidently interact with executives, senior managers, board members, and investors

  • Self-driven, and capable of driving projects with minimal oversight

  • Eagerness to work in a hyper-growth environment

  • Experience, passion and excitement in the greenhouse or indoor growing space

  • Basic knowledge of hydroponic farm systems and how they contribute to system microbiology

  • A passion for food, intellectual curiosity, and bias for action

  • Experience working with growers 

About Plenty

Plenty is here to change the way people eat, making extraordinary flavor and nutrition more available in a way that's better for people and the planet. We build farms that can put craveable flavor first while delivering exceptional yields. And our produce is always pesticide-free and grown using less than 1% of the land and 5% of the water of outdoor farming.

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