Software Engineering

Computer Vision Engineer

South San Francisco, CA

At Plenty, we’re on a mission to give people in local communities everywhere access to the freshest, most amazing tasting produce possible. And to do so in a way that’s better for the planet.

The people and teams who make up Plenty are at the core of how we do that. We are an ag-tech company looking for a Computer Vision Engineer to join our Software and Data team and advance Plenty's mission through the development and application of advanced custom vision algorithms that support critical farm systems. The Computer Vision Engineer will work in a heavily cross-functional and multidisciplinary role combining hardware, software, and computer vision modeling. This role will rigorously evaluate and select perception hardware, develop integration paradigms for new hardware to our data platform, and develop and deploy models that will drive physical outcomes by controlling the systems and automation equipment in our farms. Plenty's opportunities to apply computer vision and machine learning are diverse and include applications in plant phenotyping, product quality inspections, automated equipment and system performance monitoring, and much more. The Computer Vision Engineer also supports a culture where computer vision and machine learning isn't considered magic or an esoteric research topic but rather a rigorous engineering practice that impacts our real physical farms. Did we mention we're deploying models that impact physical systems?

About Role

This is a technical role responsible for building sophisticated full-stack (hardware and software) products which are not possible without a strong, specialized team. The ideal candidate takes pride in her/his work and possesses strong analytical ability, the capacity to translate fuzzy requirements into actionable, technical solutions, the capacity to explain solutions to people with other domain expertise, and an attention to detail. She/he appreciates an environment where superior work is encouraged, noticed, and rewarded and where individuals carry significant responsibility. The ideal candidate is uncommonly self-motivated and feels tremendous ownership over outcomes regardless of where in the organization solutions may lie.

What You'll Do 

  • Contribute to and execute on Plenty's perception roadmap - both hardware and modeling strategies

  • Evaluate perception and imaging hardware in offline development environments

  • Build custom libraries enabling seamless integration of various devices with our data platform

  • Identify hardware placement and data collection strategies that will maximize likelihood of success

  • Develop and deploy vision models to power farm perception initiatives

  • Establish reusable data processing pipelines to enable rapid scalability of applications and insights 

What We're Looking For

  • Exemplary verbal and written communication skills

  • Strong proficiency with C++ or Python

  • Strong familiarity with modern computer vision techniques and frameworks including OpenCV

  • Strong organizational skills with meticulous attention to detail

  • Excels in documentation of code, methods, and results

  • Comfortable with command line development tools and Linux environments

  • Experience with hardware integrations and deployments in industrial environments

  • Experience with library or SDK development

  • Ability to work under pressure while managing competing demands and tight deadlines

  • Proficiency in statistical analysis and data visualization a plus

  • Experience with robotics, embedded vision, or device development a plus

  • Experience with Docker and containerized code deployment a plus

  • Experience with deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow and Keras a plus

  • Experience with factory organizations and operations a plus


About Plenty

Plenty is here to change the way people eat, making extraordinary flavor and nutrition more available in a way that's better for people and the planet. We build farms that can put craveable flavor first while delivering exceptional yields. And our produce is always pesticide-free and grown using less than 1% of the land and 5% of the water of outdoor farming.

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