We Built Our Farm Around Our Plants

For thousands of years plants have been grown to offset unpredictable outdoor environments, prioritizing resistance to frost, heat, pests, and durability. Our indoor farms can control these factors, so we can prioritize flavor.

Plenty male technician standing inside of vertical farming system

Some of our best friends are robots. Our farm operations team works side-by-side with the latest technology. It’s one of the ways we can achieve serious output in a fraction of the space.

Plenty female technician standing inside of vertical farming system

Meet the new faces of farming. We recruit the best and brightest, drawing people from the local community wherever our farms are established.

Unlike some indoor farms, which use horizontal trays, our farm is genuinely vertical. This maximizes the available surface area for light to reach our plants.

Plenty vertical farming machinery

So clean you could, literally, eat your dinner from it. Our farm is a food-safe environment, which means you don’t ever need to wash our leaves.


When it comes to light, we’re control freaks. We carefully adapt the wavelength of light so that each plant gets precisely the light it needs to fulfill its delicious potential.


Each plant we grow is constantly monitored so that we can deliver just the right amount of water and nutrients every time.

We create conditions as close to perfect as is possible, so that each varietal we grow has the chance to reach its maximum potential.

Plenty technology

Our growing system is modular and can be set up nearly anywhere. That’s one of the reasons Plenty isn’t just a farm, it’s a whole new way of farming.

Plenty indoor grown plants

We believe that when you create the right conditions flourishing happens naturally, and that’s as true for people as it is for plants. So we invest in our employees and our communities wherever we establish a farm.