Q: What is Plenty?

A: Plenty is building a global network of indoor farms that deliver field-scale yields of fresh, locally-grown produce that’s affordable and within reach of communities worldwide. Our mission is to transform produce from a bland commodity to a delicious movement. No pesticides. No synthetic fertilizers. Just backyard-quality produce bursting with flavor and freshness. 

Check out this overview for more on why we started Plenty and what we’re looking to accomplish!


Q: What type of produce are you growing?

A: Right now we’re focused on growing leafy greens and herbs that taste the way produce should taste. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter as our South San Francisco farm will soon be delivering fresh produce to Bay Area consumers within hours of harvest.

Q: Are you selling your produce today?

A: Not quite yet, but we plan to introduce Plenty to Bay Area consumers by early 2018.

Where will I be able to buy Plenty produce?

A: There are countless touchpoints through which we can interact with fresh fruits and vegetables every day. We’re working to bring Plenty produce to your favorite grocers and restaurants and will have more to share soon.

Will you grow other types of fruits and vegetables in the future?

A: Absolutely! Leafy greens and herbs are just the beginning for us.

Do you use pesticides in your farms?

A: No! Plenty’s produce is completely pesticide-free.

What about genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?

A: No again! We use delicate seed varietals in our farms that grow into the freshest, most-flavorful produce available.


Why are you growing produce indoors?

A: We’re at a point where the world continues to add more people at a rapid rate, yet has run out of arable land where it’s economical to grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

The result? Fewer and fewer people have access to fresh produce.

That’s where Plenty comes in. We want to make flavorful, backyard-quality produce affordable and accessible to people everywhere. Similar to greenhouses, Plenty farms can be built close to population centers and deliver great tasting fruits and vegetables to consumers within hours — instead of weeks — of harvesting.

We’re just getting started in the Bay Area but our ambitions are global.

Q: How do you grow produce without soil, sunlight, or rain?

A: Plenty gives plants the perfect combination of water, nutrients, and light they need to be their best — we like to say that we grow the happiest produce on earth.

Q: Is Plenty produce different from the produce grown on traditional farms?

A: Most of the produce we purchase and eat today travels hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles from where it’s harvested. Plenty is delivering truly local produce in that each of our farms is intended to supply the communities surrounding them.

As a result, the taste and flavor of our produce won’t get lost in translation. You’ll notice the difference and we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Q: How many Plenty farms are there?

A: Two (currently). Our South San Francisco farm will soon be supplying the Bay Area with fresh, flavorful leafy greens and herbs. Our Laramie, WY farm is a research and development center where we’re constantly improving and elevating how we grow the best tasting produce available.

Q: Where will your next farm be located?

A: Our next farm will be located in the Seattle area and is expected to open in the first half of 2018, with locally-grown produce available to Seattle and Vancouver BC area consumers by mid year.

With our goal of being in every population center of over one million people, our long-term plans include 500 Plenty farms worldwide.

Q: Are Plenty farms big?

A: The size of each Plenty farm varies by location, but most will be between 2.5 – 5 acres in footprint (about the size of 2-4 football fields).

Q: How much produce can your farms grow?

A: Plenty farms provide the perfect environment for plants to thrive, which enables us to grow much higher yields of produce.

Can I tour a Plenty farm?

A: We’d love to show everyone how we’re growing but due to food safety considerations, unfortunately we can’t provide tours of our farms.


Q: Can I buy your produce for my restaurant?

A: Let’s chat about it. Please reach out to our sales team at sales@plenty.ag and someone will be in touch shortly.

Q: Can I sell your produce in my store?

A: We’d love to learn about your retail needs. Please reach out to our sales team at sales@plenty.ag and someone will be in touch shortly.

How can I get a Plenty farm in my town?

A: Reach out to info@plenty.ag! We love hearing from people who are as passionate as we are about transforming produce from a bland commodity to a delicious movement.

How do I join the Plenty team?

A: Keep an eye out on our careers page at plenty.ag/join-us. We’re always looking for talented individuals to come aboard.

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