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What types of produce can Plenty grow?

Right now, we’re focused on growing leafy greens and herbs that taste incredible. We’re hard at work to bring you amazing crops like strawberries and tomatoes. Stay tuned for the latest by signing up for our newsletter or following us on Instagram.

Is Plenty produce organic?

Organic certification represents the best of what’s possible outdoors. Our produce is as clean as it can possibly be, as we use zero pesticides, non-GMO seeds, and the first person to touch our food is you — the eater! We’ve put our focus into what consumers care about: ultra-clean, sustainably grown produce that tastes amazing.

Does Plenty use genetically modified organisms?

Nope! Everything we grow is non-GMO. And, one of the most exciting things about where and how we grow is, we’ve unlocked a future in which you can try the most delicious fruits and vegetables among the 70,000 varieties available across the globe. We’re not locked into crops that can endure the whims of weather and food miles on trucks.

When will Plenty be available near me?

We currently harvest tasty produce for the Bay Area, but we will soon start branching out. Our next farm will be online by late 2020 in Compton, California. Find out when Plenty will be available near you by signing up for our newsletter or following us on Instagram.

Why is Plenty needed?

Fruit and vegetable farmland around the globe can only produce ⅓ of what is needed for the world’s population to have a healthy diet. And, in the U.S. – where the most fruits and vegetables are consumed – we are eating only ½ of the recommended quantity, and we’re already importing nearly ⅓ of what we do eat.

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