About Plenty®

Plenty® is an indoor vertical farm that grows fresh, flavorful produce year round with no pesticides or GMOs – all while using less water and land than traditional farms.

Plenty® opened the world’s first high-output, indoor vertical farm in Compton, California, bringing access to tasty leafy greens and new jobs to the community.

This state-of-the art facility is the only farm of its kind in the world and provide enough fresh leafy greens for the entire West Coast. At the Plenty® farm, it’s always peak season.


Try our Plenty® Greens in Compton

As our Compton Farm got up and running, we wanted to give the Compton community a taste of what the rest of California would soon see. So we offered select Compton retailers a preview of our South San Francisco greens before anyone else in Los Angeles. Find one of our Compton retailers here.

Why Compton?

As a site for our flagship farm, Compton was our top choice for a range of reasons. While the area has a rich history of farming stretching as far back as the 19th century, more recently, it has been denied easy access to a high quality supply of fresh produce. We believe in using our technology to overcome inequities in supply that can have a real impact on the health of local populations.

Compton is known as the “Hub City” because of its connection to local railways, freeways, ports and the airport. Establishing our farm there puts the entirety of the US within our reach.

Our experiences there, and the welcome we have received, have only confirmed our conviction that the City of Compton is the right home for Plenty®.

African American man standing in front of Plenty greens stand at a supermarket

Community Engagement

Through community partnerships with nonprofit organizations, food donation, community events and more, Plenty® is committed to being a good neighbor in the Compton community. If you have a suggestion for how we can get involved, Contact us.

Plenty Compton Community
plenty baby kale
Plenty mezuna mix
Plenty Baby Arugula

Where to Buy Plenty® Produce

Plenty® produce is available through grocery stores, community events and donation programs.

Now Hiring!

Plenty® has dozens of local job opportunities, ranging from entry level to technical and management level positions in the City of Compton. We made a commitment (and stuck to it!) to source at least 30 percent of the full- time workers at our Compton facility from Compton zip codes.

All job opportunities will be well-paying, year-round jobs with benefits. Many technical jobs, such as farm operators, computer science engineers, and mechanical engineers will have significant opportunities for technical skill development as well. Interested in working for Plenty®? Apply here: https://www.plenty.ag/jobs/

Check Out our Open Positions in Compton

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