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New farm will bring engineering and agricultural jobs to the greater Seattle area starting mid-2018

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., November 3, 2017 — Plenty, the indoor farming company solving the globe’s fresh produce shortages, announced today that their next organic farm will be in the Seattle area as they continue to scale worldwide. Expected to open in the first half of 2018 in Kent, WA, Plenty’s farm will employ a workforce of indoor farming engineers, organic growers, and operations experts. Produce grown will be available to local Seattle area consumers beginning in mid-2018.

Plenty is using time-tested plant science and patented technologies to build out a new kind of farm and a global farm network. Using cutting-edge LED lighting, micro-sensor technology, and big data processing, Plenty delivers quality produce previously achievable only at small scale in backyard gardens at prices comparable to what consumers pay today. As the amount of domestic acreage that produces affordable fresh fruit and vegetables shrinks while labor and land costs sustain their perpetual rise, Plenty’s expansion is critical to making local, hyper-fresh, and organic produce available and affordable for people everywhere.

“Seattle’s emphasis on delicious, healthy food and energy and water efficiency makes the area a natural fit for our next Plenty farm,” said Matt Barnard, CEO and co-founder of Plenty. “At nearly 100,000 square feet, Seattle will be home to our first full scale farm and help set the standard by which our global farm network makes locally-grown, backyard-quality produce accessible to everyone. We’re excited about what’s next and look forward to building the Seattle team.”

Plenty’s farms, which the company is developing in or near communities around the world, will deliver industry-leading yields of local, backyard-quality produce that’s completely GMO and pesticide-free, while remaking agriculture to be both predictable and perpetual given the demands of 7.3 billion people. Plenty farms give plants the perfect environment for amazing flavor, use one percent of the water, and a tiny fraction of the land of conventional agriculture. Plenty’s first field-scale farm is located in South San Francisco and will start delivering produce to local Bay Area customers within hours of harvest by the end of 2017.