‘‘I get to engage problems that have challenged agriculture for decades.’’

- Casey Call, Head Grower

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Research Scientist

Matthew Arrington

Matt Arrington is a Research Scientist at Plenty. His research focuses on new crop development and on stress, environmental and post-harvest optimization. Prior to joining Plenty, Matt worked on research in pollination optimization and crop load management in small fruits and crop load and canopy management in tree fruit. He also worked as a berry production liaison for the implementation of sustainable farming techniques with Washington Department of Agriculture and Conservation Districts in Washington state.

Matthew received an MS from Oregon State and a PhD from Washington State with emphasis in whole plant physiology and applied agriculture research.

Director of Lighting Optimization

Tessa Pocock

Tessa Pocock PhD is the Director of Lighting Optimization at Plenty. Pocock’s education ranges from applied to more fundamental studies as does her work history which includes owning and operating a greenhouse operation, working in the technological side of the horticultural industry and in academia where she directed fundamental plant science research. She received a diploma in Greenhouse Management from Olds Agricultural College, Canada, an honors BSc in plant biochemistry and physiology, an MSc in plant physiology where she developed a non-invasive technique to rank newly bred wheat cultivars for freezing tolerance, and a PhD in Environmental Stress Biology from the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

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Upon completion of her PhD, she was awarded a prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship and was tasked with increasing plant physiological knowledge in Europe. While in Europe she worked as Director of Research in the horticultural lighting industry for almost a decade until she was recruited by academia to continue the effort of merging engineering and advanced technology with plant science applications. She holds three patents, one pending patent and one provisional patent as well as authoring dozens of peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters in this space. Her specific interests have been, and are, using light to reprogram photochemical, photosynthetic and biochemical processes in plants as well as developing two-way communication protocols whereby the physiological state of the plant plays a role in controlling its environment. Plenty offers a scaled-up platform where Pocock is able to apply and further develop sophisticated systems for use in controlled environment agriculture.

Senior Manager, Tigris Farm

Arvind Chari

Arvind Chari is a senior manager of operations at Plenty managing the state of the art, high volume, Tigris farm. Prior to joining Plenty, Arvind was on the founding team at Merlin Solar Technologies, a small startup working to create efficient, flexible solar modules i.e. Crystalline Solar on Fabric. In this role, Arvind prototyped the initial pilot line used to prove out the product concept, and over time, the company scaled up operations and Arvind worked towards commissioning and ramping the company’s factory in Thailand.

Arvind received a double major from UC Berkeley in EECS and Materials Science, as well as a masters in Materials Science from MIT.

Manager, Compliance

Isabel Chamberlain

Isabel Chamberlain is on the Legal & Compliance team at Plenty and manages the company’s Food Safety Program. She has a BS in International Ag Development from the University of California Davis. Since 2014, she has been immersed in the vertical farming world and is deeply passionate about the current problems in our food system. She is an advocate for using technology and the power of science as a means for a sustainable future and hopes to build a farm on Mars someday.
Director of Engineering

Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn is the Director of Engineering leading the Automation Systems Design Team at Plenty. Prior to Plenty, Michael was a Lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Stanford University where he developed new curriculum and taught classes in mechanical design and precision engineering. As a PhD candidate, his research focuses on the development of novel assessments of technical expertise in mechanical design.

Michael holds an MS in Mechanical Engineering, an MA in Education, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Gupta

Mike Gupta is the CFO of Plenty. Prior to Plenty, he was the Chief Financial Officer of Docker, Inc., an enterprise software company, where he oversaw the finance, legal and HR functions. Before joining Docker, Mike was the Chief Financial Officer of Twitter, Inc. where he led the company’s financial operations and led the company’s initial public offering. Prior to joining Twitter in November 2012, Mike was Senior Vice President, Finance and Treasurer at Zynga Inc. where he ran a variety of financial functions including, Investor Relations, Financial Planning and Analysis, Treasury and Corporate Finance. Prior to that, Mike spent eight years at Yahoo! Inc. in a variety of financial roles, most recently serving as their Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, Finance and Treasury.

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Earlier in his career, Mike was a Vice President in the investment banking division of Merrill Lynch & Co. and a Senior Auditor and C.P.A. at KPMG. Mike received his M.B.A. with honors from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. He graduated magna cum laude from New York University’s Stern School of Business where he received his B.S. in Accounting and Economics.

Head Grower

Casey Call

Casey Call is the Head Grower leading the Farm Operations Team at Plenty. Prior to Plenty, Casey was born and raised on his family’s 20,000 acre vegetable and grain farm in western New York. After studying agricultural science at Cornell, Casey worked as the lead agronomist for Grimmway Farms in southern California. From there he started his own vertical farm in Boston, MA while in graduate school. Casey holds a BS in Agricultural Science from Cornell, and an MBA from Boston University.


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